A Uniquely Powerful Approach

Along with my expertise in presentation development, slide design, public speaking and storytelling, I offer my clients a new and much-improved approach to speaking.

a paradigm that fits the listener's mind

The one-way, linear, slide-heavy nature of the old presentation paradigm is limiting. Listeners’ minds are anything but passive and linear, and they are not designed to decode dense, wordy visuals while listening to another person speak. I help my clients embrace a new paradigm that fits both the conversational nature of our mind and its natural design for listening.

a mindset that releases authenticity

Most coaching firms teach techniques like pause, make eye-contact, etc. Their clients become trapped in an imitation-mindset that often has them looking rigid and artificial. I coach my clients to work with their minds' natural design and to be themselves – just the version of themselves that is most captivating and influential when speaking to others.

an intention based in service

Mind-numbing, slide-heavy meetings and talks are the byproduct of a me-based intention. Compelling speakers do not measure success as getting through MY content or getting MY message out. They see their purpose as serving the listener. They measure success as getting valuable ideas into the minds of others so others leave the conversation having gained something.

a positive process for lasting improvement

Some coaches highlight errors, calling out ums and uhs. Trying to avoid errors just focuses the mind on errors. Athletes, musicians and speakers become great by accenting their strengths and pursuing the optimal behaviors for them. Instead of avoiding errors, my clients progress quickly and make lasting improvements by working to increase their awareness and control.

Wide-ranging Experience

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Over a thirteen-year teaching career, I logged more than 11,000 hours in the classroom capturing the imaginations of middle school and high school students. I went on to lead workshops for Duarte, Inc., the global leader in presentation development and design. At Duarte, I immersed myself in the crafts of content development, storytelling and visual design. I coached and trained teams and individuals from over 100 companies such as Apple, Capital One, Kaiser, Nestlé, Eli Lilly, and Viacom.


Despite a great experience, I noticed that clients regularly complained that they were interrupted while presenting to senior executives. I advised them to tweak their process, but it eventually became clear to me that I was just giving them band-aids, not a cure. With the help of Danny Slomoff, a fantastic speaking coach with a psychology background, I realized that the problem is in the paradigm. Aspects of the current presentation paradigm simply do not fit our brain’s design.


Now I am on a mission to free others from the constraints of the old paradigm. And my purpose is serving my clients so that they can grow to be the leaders and influencers they want to be.

Giving Back

I give time, expertise and a portion of my profits to Positive Coaching Alliance, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform the youth sports culture into a Development Zone® where all youth and high school athletes have a positive, character-building experience that results in Better Athletes, Better People. By working with me, you are supporting them.


If you care as much as I do about their mission, please consider donating to the PCA.