• Scott Stiefvater

A much better way to see 'public speaking.'

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The mainstream approach to public speaking is based on a framework that sets it apart from just speaking:

The result is a strange and costly phenomenon in which the speaker becomes distant and disconnected from their listeners when they switch to public speaking mode.

It's better to see public speaking as a subset of speaking.

This way we are less likely to alter ourselves in detrimental ways when we speak in more formal settings.

Here's an even better way to see the whole framework:

All speaking is actually conversing because that is our natural design. We are designed for an exchange of sound and light between speaker and listener, even when the listener produces no words. In some settings, we are simply doing more of the talking.

Be your rich, conversational self when you speak, even when it's 'publicly'.


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