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Be present when you present.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

PRESENTation. I like to think that the root of the word refers to being in the moment. Being present is largely why we present, right? Otherwise, we would just send a document or a video.

But so many presenters are strangely not present. They are in their head instead of in the room with their listeners. They seem a lot like a video, linear and locked, at least until the Q&A.

The problem is both in how they think about and how they prepare for presentations. They use their writing-mind and essentially create a script for themselves. When they present, while their listeners are in the present, they are trapped in the past stuck on words and slides that they scripted earlier.

Prepare for presentations like you would for a conversation with a preset theme/message. Talk through your content out loud or in your head numerous times, but don't get attached to it. Then, see and respond to your listeners when you talk to them, even if they aren't talking back.

Trust yourself. You can do it.


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