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C.U.S. out your data slides.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Do you long to make the data slides you display during a talk more digestible? It might help to C.U.S. OUT YOUR DATA!

1) CRACK it.

Split data displays apart and onto their own slides. Let go of the idea that you need some kind of dashboard of data to show people the big picture. That does not work for a talk.

2) UNPACK it.

Get rid of any visual elements that are not totally necessary. No images or logos. And no text blocks. Your voice provides the words the audience needs to understand the meaning and relevance of the data.

3) STACK it.

Edit the elements of the data display to create visual layers: a top layer using an emphasis color to highlight elements that tell the story, and subsequent layers using more and more subdued colors and color saturation. The axis labels, for instance, should be some flavor of light grey.


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