• Scott Stiefvater

If you are going to act like a recording, why not record yourself and send a link.

Updated: Jan 21

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! It's a popular refrain among the presentation pundits of the World. Become a recording of yourself. When it comes time to present, hit the playback button.

It begs the question: Why not actually record video of yourself giving your presentation, upload the video and then send the link to your audience? You can do multiple takes and pick the best one. You can edit the best take to make it more polished and concise. It makes a lot of sense.

Some presentations are better as videos.

In lieu of giving a live presentation, consider making a recording and providing a link when:

  • your goal is primarily informing versus inspiring.

  • viewers could use some base knowledge/information before engaging in a productive conversation with you.

  • you have a process with lots of steps to teach to viewers.

  • the viewer will benefit from going through the content at their own pace.

You'll find examples of just such presentations on my website in the Progress Zone (sign-up for access if you have not already done so). For most of these videos, I crafted visual aids in slide software and did a desktop recording over my voice. You can also record your presentation in a Zoom meeting with or without others in the meeting. Your mobile phone is a video camera. Video editing is an option (I use iMovie).

Remember, meetings are the place to NOT BE A RECORDING.

While some presentations are better as recordings, a meeting, even a virtual one, is a chance to NOT BE A RECORDING. It's a chance to be present with other human beings in a conversational exchange. In meetings:

  • Turn on your webcam.

  • Silence notifications and other distractions.

  • Use screen-share and slides very sparingly.

  • Listen to the body language of others with your eyes.

  • Speak with energy.

And if you are "giving a presentation", don't try to be a recording of yourself. Try to be present, conversational and spontaneous. Try to be human.