• Scott Stiefvater

The 'inside work' of speaking skill progress.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Improving speaking skills often means changing habits. You may, for instance, have a habit of speaking fast and in long, run-on sentences. You're told to slow down and pause more. You videotape yourself and practice. You make quick progress but, a month or two later, your back to your old habit.

Habits-of-doing are often connected to habits-of-thinking. If you have a habit of thinking of speaking as getting words out, it will support the habit of speaking fast and in long sentences. To adopt a more desirable habit-of-doing, it helps to adopt the best habit-of-thinking. Speak in sentences at a rate that helps the listener absorb them, and think of speaking as getting ideas into your listeners' minds. Make both of these a habit and you will make progress that lasts.


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