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Using Zoom, lift your cam lens to eye-level.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

A good portion of people meeting via video conference have their laptop, and thus their camera lens, too low. As a result, their viewer's experience is one of someone looming over them or looking down on them. This doesn't exactly cultivate a feeling of connection.

It's also one of many unnatural things the viewing brain has to deal with on the typical video call – the same things that contribute to Zoom fatigue.

There are two good reasons for raising the top of your computer screen where your camera lens is located to eye-level:

  1. It's ergonomically correct because it puts your neck in a neutral position while viewing the screen.

  2. It's visually optimal for your viewers because they get a more natural, in-person speaking simulation of you.

This gadget lifting my laptop is called a Roost. It's very portable and adjusts to three heights. When there isn't a pandemic going on, I bring it on the road to use in coffee shops and hotel rooms. As with any laptop lifting tool, I must also carry a portable keyboard and track-pad, but both of those are fairly small and light.

Whatever tool you choose, lift your cam lens to eye-level so that your teleconference viewers get the best, most natural experience of you.

Here are a few other cam composition reminders:


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