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What does your agenda slide do for me? Not much.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Why show me your agenda at the beginning of your presentation?

  • It shows me you have a plan. Now I know you are somewhat competent as a professional.

  • It shows me what to expect. Now I know this meeting won't be a waste of time. Or maybe, now I know it will be.

  • It shows me what's not in the plan. ...and if you also ask me what I would like to add, I might get you to squeeze in what really matters to me.

  • It shows me we have a lot to cover. Now I know I should worry along with you about avoiding depth and moving fast.

  • It shows me I will get a chance to ask questions. Now I know how long I will have to suspend my thinking while you cover your content.

Skip the agenda and make the most of our time from the very start.

I trust you have a plan. What I'm really hoping is:

  • It's a good plan but it is not set in stone.

  • You know your stuff enough to curve where I need to go.

  • You have the guts to abandon the plan if it helps us to derive more meaning and relevance for everyone.


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