One-to-One Coaching

Executives, thought leaders, business coaches and consultants need to be masterful communicators in all sorts of situations. Work with me and enjoy the freedom of a paradigm that allows you to be the best of you whether speaking to one, ten or a thousand people.

Game Focus

Prepare for a specific presentation/speaking event.

$2500 USD

Some talks present a big opportunity to make an impact and enhance your personal brand. In moments like these you do not want to be forgettable. With a game focus we emphasize getting you ready to be clear and compelling in a specific pitch, keynote, all-hands meeting, or marketing talk.

Growth Focus

Make a permanent improvement in skill level.

 $4800 USD

To be an effective leader you must speak in a way that conveys presence and self-assured power. With a growth focus we emphasize longterm improvement in the skills of speaking and presenting, particularly in the behaviors that make others want to listen to you and follow your lead.

Mastery Focus

Reach an entirely new level as a speaker.

$9000 USD

You have a personal goal to become an exceptional, keynote-quality speaker? With a mastery focus we locate where you are continuum of excellence and where you want to be, and then make a transformation plan. This program is for only the most ambitious of communicators.


Are you a business leader with a team in need of professional growth? Are you a Learning and Development professional looking to improve your organization’s training offerings? Whether they work in sales, sales enablement, marketing, engineering, customer insights, finance or compliance, the people you lead must speak and present effectively to influence others.

(anti) Public Speaking
1-day onsite workshop

$7000 USD up to 10 participants

All speaking is public. So, the skills you will learn in this program will not only improve your impact in conference-style talks, but also in small group meetings and one-to-one conversations. This is a workshop about speaking to others in order to get compelling ideas into their minds.

(anti) Presentation Content 1-day onsite workshop

$7000 USD up to 10 participants

Most presentations are boring and forgettable because the author begins the development process in the confining and linear world of slide software. In this program, you will learn content-development and story-crafting processes that release your creative thinking and produce stand-out talks.

(anti) Presentation
2-day onsite workshop

$14000 USD up to 10 participants

This workshop combines the two 1-day programs into the perfect presentation development and delivery package. We end this 2-day program with each participant delivering their own story, combining compelling content and powerful speaking into one complete experience.

Compare Workshops

If I walk away having learned one thing, I’m happy is not an acceptable measure of success in my world and it shouldn't be in yours either. These workshops change people’s speaking and presenting habits from the inside out so that their learning and growth lasts.

(anti) Public Speaking

1 day workshop

(anti) Pres. Content

1 day workshop

(anti) Presentation

2 day workshop

 individual coaching & video feedback
the behaviors of executive presence
the behaviors of connection
the muscle groups of expression
optimal speaking pattern habits
voice awareness and control
the separate realities of speaking
achieving authenticity
the truth about comfort & confidence
8-step content development process
the structure of engaging presentations
the 9th step of visual thinking
the brain's design for listening
putting the creative in the process
why and how stories work
the story crafting process
the structure of great stories
the art of story editing
final videos of attendee stories

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